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Recycle Today For Greener Tomorrow
September 1, 2021
Scrap Car vs Repairing Car What's the Difference?
Scrap Car vs Repairing Car What’s the Difference?
September 30, 2021
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4 Tips to Make Your Used Car Last Longer

4 Tips to Make Your Used Car Last Longer

4 Tips to Make Your Used Car Last Longer

4 Tips to Make Your Used Car Last Longer

A lot of people let it go too far, proper maintenance on the car is the life of the car.


Your car as one of the biggest purchases you’ve ever made needs proper maintenance to run. Reading and following these simple tips will help you to make your car last longer and save lots of money along the way. A well-maintained car will last longer, are more fuel-efficient, and have better performance and smooth drive.


4 Simple Ways To Make Your Car Last Longer

1- Periodical Service

The first and foremost on the list that everyone is familiar with are regular services, but some don’t take it seriously and just put it off for a later time. New cars can easily exceed their scheduled maintenance intervals unnoticed! But this can damage your engine and other components. So it is very important to stick to the maintenance intervals recommended by the manufacturing company which can be found in the car’s manual. It is also best to do this a little earlier than the recommended intervals.

2- Don’t Skimp On Oil Change

Oil is the lifeblood of the engine. Keeps the engine lubricated and cooled. Old contaminated oil will shorten the life of the engine. It is always recommended to follow the car manual and use the manufacturer’s recommendations. You could cause serious damage to your engine by neglecting to change the oil at regular intervals.


3- Don’t Ignore Issues and Notifications

Keep an eye on the dashboard and listen for noises. Ignoring your car problems could cost you a thousand dollars. Fluid leaks, brake noise, rattling noises, dashboard notifications and screeching indicate a possible serious problem. Don’t pretend it’s not there and don’t turn up the radio, or think it will fix itself. Take it to a professional technician as soon as possible. There are also some security issues that need to be resolved immediately. By addressing these issues when they are first noticed, a potentially costly repair can be prevented.


4- Keep It Clean

Yup! Right. You can significantly extend the life of your car by keeping it clean. Dirt and grime cause rust. Sand enters the moving parts of the car and the chassis causes accelerated wear and corrosion. Bird droppings on the paint can damage the paint permanently, never leave it behind. Winter road salt is super corrosive, take your car to a car wash from time to time in winter, and don’t forget to wash the cart. Also, keep in mind that an annual polish will provide a layer of protection and prevent the spread of rust.

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